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  • What wood do you use?
    For our animals we use hardwood maple or ash, considered very safe for children who put things in their mouths and are naturally untreated. For our larger toys we use Pine, a safe softwood.
  • How are your wooden toys made?
    We designed each wooden figure using a variety of inspiration, cut using different saws, sanding machines then each figure is handpainted. Every figure is unique so they may not all look exactly alike
  • What is the philosophy behind your toys?
    We believe in toys made from natural materials, with natural colors, and that are lovingly made . The Waldorf name comes from the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner that suggested that children’s playthings should be largely unformed in order to stimulate a child’s imagination, Waldorf toys are often simple, without a lot of detail. Waldorf education is followed in schools and in home education throughout the world but you don’t need to follow the Waldorf education methods to appreciate the beauty of Waldorf toys.
  • How do I clean wooden toys?
    Is no secret that children’s toys tend to end up in the oddest spots :) . While natural wood products tend to have naturally occurring antibacterial properties, bacteria doesn’t tend to live long on dry natural wood daily maintenance is encouraged . Try wiping with a dry cloth first. If a damp cloth is needed to remove dirt, moisten the cloth just to clean. Wipe away moisture and let it air dry. Finished toys can be gently cleaned with a natural, unabrasive soap and a little water. Once cleaned, items should be allowed to dry completely before use. A rinse with water and vinegar can be used on finished items to remove crayon marks and oil-based stains. Soaking in water is never recommended .The best way to keep your wooden toys hydrated and well-nourished is with a natural oil or wax. Avoid leaving your wooden toy outside for long periods, sun can cause paint to fade over time, water damage can lead wooden toys to swell and grow old too soon.
  • What about shipping ?
    We use UPS Ground for all our domestic orders and it can reach most places in 4-5 business days Shipping outside of USA is charged at cost, we know shipping can be expensive overseas but we try hard to keep it low. Please email us so we can set up a custom listing with the correct shipping. We are committed to finding you the best deal!
  • Can I send it as a gift?
    Yes! We never include pricing just in case; and if you want a gift note just tell us what to say in the notes at checkout!
  • How long do orders take to ship?
    Your order will ship within one business day. If you are ordering and require items by a particular date for a birthday or other gift please leave a note at checkout so we can prioritise getting it out to you on time!
  • Can I make a change or add to my order once it’s placed?
    Yes, you can make changes as long as we haven’t shipped your order. Please contact us ASAP if you need to change anything in your order.
  • What is HugaBug’s return policy?
    Because we sell toys, we try to really limit returns and exchanges because we cannot generally re-sell a toy that has been shipped away and sent back. That is why we try hard to accurately describe our items before purchase and we encourage you to ask if you have any questions. That being said, we build our toys strong but some times shipping errors and mishaps can occur. It is the buyers responsibility to pay for shipping if returning an item for any reason.
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